Cluster Partner: NGO

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  • Cluster partners should engage in programme implementation wherever clear comparative advantage can be demonstrated, and should be prepared to adjust their programmes if required in the spirit of mutual cooperation.
  • Clusters derive their legitimacy from the stakeholders who comprise their membership: the wider and more engaged the membership, the more representative, and therefore more legitimate the Cluster.
  • Participating agencies support the designated Cluster Coordinator in fulfilling the Cluster mission, namely to:
    • Support emergency preparedness, response and recovery activities;
    • Work in partnership to prevent and reduce morbidity and mortality;
    • Ensure evidence-based actions, gap-filling and prioritization; and
    • Enhance accountable, predictable and effective emergency actions
  • In achieving this, participating agencies will seek wherever possible to engage in the following activities in close cooperation with other partners within the Cluster and with the Cluster Coordinator:
    • Work with the Cluster coordinator and other designated partners to ensure appropriate distribution of sub-sectoral responsibilities within the Cluster, and agree to act as Focal Point in such areas on request of the Cluster coordinator if capacity allows.
    • Participate in the establishment and maintenance of appropriate sectoral coordination mechanisms, including working groups at the national and, if necessary, local level.
    • Provide information to the Cluster Information Manager in the format, and with the frequency requested by him/her.
    • Identify core advocacy concerns, including resource requirements, and contribute to key messages for broader advocacy initiatives of the Cluster.
    • Advocate for donors to fund participants to carry out priority activities in the sector concerned, while at the same time encouraging participants to mobilize resources for their activities through their usual channels.
    • Support training of national and international staff of Cluster partner organizations, and promote transfer of skills to national partners.



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looking for partner

we are HOST (humanitarian organisation for socio- economic  transformation)NGO'S

 that is currently working on in mogadisho and other regions

as the name of the NGO  indicates we are  working in many sectors

health, education and agriculture




searching for partnership in reducing poverty among the poor in the community

be the part of your cluster

 it is good to see the tor, my organization will learn many thing be the part of cluster.



Regarding the references

Dear Sir/madam,

Thank you for the useful information on this site. Is it possible to include all the reference documents. I want to see the file "ClusterPartnerTORs1.doc", which is cited as reference for example TOR for Cluster Partners.

Can you help me in getting this file.

With regards.