Information Management Working Group

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  • The crucial role played by Information Management in coordinating humanitarian action is covered in more detail in a separate Chapter. For now, it suffices to know that the IM function requires a dedicated team consisting of an Information Manager, at least one Data Manager, and at least one Geographic Information Systems (GIS) manager.
  • Establish an ‘Information Management Working Group’ (IMWiG) that ensures timely sharing of reliable and relevant evidence through joint information systems that:
    • Identifies those most in need
    • Tracks trends in coverage and access over time against key performance indicators
    • Highlights the need for mutual cooperation in adapting on-going programmes to the evolving needs and priorities of others
    • Captures relevant information from other Clusters
    • Makes use of, and manages content through dedicated IT and web-based resources


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James I guess this needs to be mire focused on developing an IM working team
I have not yet seen any one cluster develop its own Working Group, just for IM
This in my experience is more internal with the team managing the process and maybe referring back to a TWiG or the main meeting to input on what fields need to be tracked, also then coordinating with other cluster IM managers and government where appropriate

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with us being notified by email and moderating of required

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