Goal of this website

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 This page is simply an informal description of what we are on about and were we have come from.


ClusterCoordination.org commenced as a discussion in the field by a bunch of people actively working on cluster coordination in a major natural disaster.

Over a few whiskey's after yet another long hard day, juggling the complexities of an evolving disaster a group of us got together to catch up and see how we were all going. one drink led to another, as did one topic to another. Pretty soon we were back onto the age old topic of our frustration at the lack of support and guidance that we as individuals got whilst in the field. 

The answer seemed obvious, lets start supporting ourselves, start documenting and sharing best practice, real tools and experience gained in the field, and do it in real time, online, and lets not wait for some international agreement between lead agencies and content providers, lets just do it now... and see what happens. 

All along we have felt that maybe this will project will grow legs and run, maybe it won't, either way, it has been and continues to be a useful vehicle for a group of concerned professionals to talk about, share and discuss ideas about improved coordination in disaster response.

This site is intended for YOU, a participant in a disaster response, for YOU a part of a Coordination team in a disaster

As such... make use of it, leave comments, tell us what you would like, share your good ideas with us. If you have a tool that worked, share it with admin and we will post it up, if u have an experience that improved how you worked as a coordinator let us and everyone else know

If you have any ideas at all about how this site may better serve you or the greater humanitarian field, please don't hesitate to let us know


the Clustercoordination team